Devil Winged Angel
Hi there! My name is Natalia Cesario. Pleased to meet you. I'm twenty one years old and live in Brooklyn, New York.
In a happy relationship and an adoptive mother.
Feel free to leave an ask!

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Send me ‘I want the K’ and I’ll generate a number


  • 1: Hot, Steamy kiss
  • 2: Cheek Kiss
  • 3: Nose Kiss
  • 4: Forehead Kiss
  • 5: Firm Kiss
  • 6: Gentle Peck
  • 7: Romantic Kiss
  • 8: Eyelid Kiss
  • 9: Jawline Kiss
  • 10: Neck Kiss
  • 11: Collarbone Kiss
  • 12: Chest Kiss
  • 13: Stomach Kiss
  • 14: Kiss Along the Hips
  • 15: Kiss in the Rain
  • 16: Upside-Down Kiss
  • 17: Goofy Kiss
  • 18: Underwater Kiss
  • 19: Forceful Kiss
  • 20: Any of the Above
  • 21: Then there’s tongue

"Got pummeled by a stupid workout in a silly dance game… I should really start playing football again…" 

"Or maybe just start exercising more often in general…"

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throwingsexyparties sent:
"Hey... You been feelin' okay? You in trouble? Ya been actin' a lil' weird. Well, not weird but..."

"I’m not in trouble… And I’m okay, hun." She smiled at him, chewing on her lip after a moment.

"Sorry, I’m not… Not meaning to act weird."

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Anonymous asked: why do you always treat Dante like shit?

"I.." Natalia frowned, pursing her lips. "I… Don’t try to treat him badly."

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